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Bright Sparks Inventors Pack

Play is how children make sense of their world. Open-ended play helps children explore the world and encourages them to interact with others and engage in dramatic play. The most important skills that children can develop before reading and writing are their perceptual motor skills, whereby they’re manipulating objects such as building blocks, drawing and other forms of physical play.

imaginz, is so much more than a toy and far superior to a stationary playhouse. imaginz is a life-sized construction learning system designed to develop children’s imagination and creativity. imaginz keeps kids entertained for hours because they’re able to design and build any life-sized structure including a playhouse, rocket, shop, plane and so much more.

Manufactured from strong, durable hygienic polymer. The Bright Sparks Inventors Pack comes delivered in 2 robust storage containers comprising of 172 parts with 13 different components.


Comes with cleverly designed tools to help with construction and an instruction booklet with ideas for children to build. More construction ideas are available online when you sign up.


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